DIY Grapefruit Lip Scrub with Essential Oils.


I love using my essential oils to make diy sprays, bath bombs and blends so I decided to try my hand at making a lip & body scrub.  It was super easy and I really loved how it turned out!

1 1/2 Cup Organic Cane Sugar 
1/2 Cup Organic Coconut Oil
2-3 Tablespoons Almond Oil
1/3 Cup Himalayan Sea Salt
1 Tablespoon Vitamin E Oil
1-3 drops Pink Food Coloring (optional)

10-15 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

Combine all dry ingredients in medium size mixing bowl and stir together with a whisk. Add in all oils and stir until wet and dry are evenly combined. Mix well & disperse evenly into small mason jars.

+ Rub the lip scrub onto your lips to exfoliate all the dry, flaky skin off then lightly wipe the sugar off. Enjoy your hydrated lips!

+ Scrub your legs and arms with the scrub in the bath tub to exfoliate your skin! Wash off and enjoy hydrated skin! 

This is a great Lip scrub or body exfoliant and would make an AWESOME DIY make & take class!

4 ounce Glass jars
Organic Cane Sugar 
Organic Coconut Oil
Almond Oil
Himalayan Sea Salt
Vitamin E Oil
Pink Food Coloring (optional)

Grapefruit Essential Oil

I have been using essential oils since July 2014. I am super passionate about them and living as chemical free as possible! I once read that as women, we put as many as 80 chemicals in or on our bodies by breakfast time. GAH!! That is crazy! I have switched to using all natural makeup, changed out a lot of my facial products to Young living products and I love making chemical free perfumes and body sprays like these to replace those yucky things that I would normally be using! If you want to chat more about this with me, shoot me an email!! I would love to chat!!

I also have an essential oils Instagram, Frank & Pine, where I share more about the oils and products I use and I would love to have you come follow along!

If you are interested in getting essential oils, come on over girl!

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