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Boss Babe /bôs/ /bāb/ (noun): Strong, smart, beautiful, inspiring, capable, kick ass woman blogger, creative and or small business owner who is rocking the blog + business world with her amazing entrepreneurial skills.

I am so thrilled to get back to my roots and get back to featuring the amazing women who inspire me to not only be a better business owner, but to be a better person! This week in the #JNDBossBabes series I'm so excited to introduce you to my dear friend Karrie Miller! She has been working with me in Studio 200 for painting + wine workshops! She is so incredibly talented and sweet - you guys will feel the same way!

Tell us about the awesome things you do.

The Creator has given me the gift of creativity. I love doing or making anything at all! My particular gifting would be painting, drawing, graphic design and handlettering. I create commissioned and original art. I take custom orders for acrylic paintings and also do my own original abstract paintings. Currently I am also teaching a Paint Night at Studio 200 in Sugarcreek, OH and I'm loving it! I have hand lettered wedding invitations and signage (chalkboards galore!), storefront signage, wall murals, and more. In the graphic design field, my favorite projects are logos. I have also designed business cards, art posters, flyers, tri-folds, etc.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned as a business owner?

Don't be afraid to charge what your product/service is worth. When I first started out, I was selling my services for much too cheap because I was afraid that people would be scared away by the price. I made just enough to cover costs, but came no where close to covering the time I had spent. If I would have charged more, I might be a bit ahead of where I am today.

Where did your shop or blog name come from?

It's been said, "An artist isn't famous until he/she dies" so, if that's true in my case, I want my work to be remembered by my name so in the future, my pieces will be consistently named.

Who is your Boss Babe inspiration and why?

I would say my mom. Growing up, my mom started making all natural soaps. She loved what she did and her business grew substantially. People from all over the country would order her soaps. I always loved watching her at craft shows or events that she would set up at. She always had a crowd around her stand. She was so passionate about her product.

Top 3 tips for keeping organized and on track.

I'm really not so good at staying organized, but something I've really learned through this business is to take the time to plan out an organize your schedule so that you can optimize your free time.

What has been your biggest challenge building your business?

The self-doubt and terror of putting myself out there and risking my dreams. It's very scary.

Do you have any advice for future Boss Babes?

Be passionate about what you do. When you are passionate about something, it will seep out of you into those around you!

What are your top three tips for building a business?

1. Stop procrastinating. It's your worst enemy.
2. Get out there! Support your community, show up to local events and make a name for yourself.
3. Get to know people who have the same interests as you! They help to inspire you and give you valuable advice.

What is your proudest moment in your business?

Most every time I am finished with a Paint Party, I hear the people in my class talking about how they had so much fun painting and how proud they are of how well their painting turned out. That is one of the most satisfied feelings ever!

Tell us about what's new or what's next!

I am in the process of adding a line of products that is very exciting! I can't reveal those quite yet, as I am still in the process of refining them. But stay tuned for funzies!

What is your all time favorite meal?

Sushi all the way!

What is your favorite way to relax & refocus?

When my enduring husband tells me to "go paint something", I know that I am stressed out a little too much. Painting is like yoga for my mind. I am happiest covered in paint. Another way I like to unwind when maybe I don't have the time or am too tired to paint, is to take an essential oil milk bath with my favorite wine and a good book. Ahh, makes me want one right now!

What do you never leave home without?

My lipstick and shades.

What is your favorite form of social media?


What Instagram account are you currently obsessed with?


What is on your workday playlist?

"Gun" by Mas Ysa

What is your go-to Starbucks Drink?

Soy chai latte!

What does your "power look" consist of?

Winged eyeliner, Katy Perry "Catoure Tricot-Griffes" Lipstick by Cover Girl, my Jenny clogs from Target, Blue corduroy flare overalls from Old Navy with a white t-shirt underneath, brass hoop earrings that I bought at Bonnaroo, a whole stack of Alex + Ani, JessicaNDesigns, and random other bracelets, my floral choker from Forever21, and my gold cuff ring from JessicaNDesigns.


Thank you so much Karrie for sharing some Boss Babe insight with us! Be sure to
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