DIY Live Succulent Letter


What you need:
Chicken wire letter
Succulents (approximately 10 depending on size)
Cactus/succulent potting soil
Moss for filler

These DIY succulent letters are such a fun project! We had a blast getting together and making them! Once you gather all your supplies, you want to start by filling your letter with your cactus & succulent soil. This soil is the best for succulents who need well drained soil. 

 Fill your letter almost to the top of the chicken wire.

Then you want to start selecting where you want to put each succulent. Start in one corner of the letter and fill from there.

When you are ready to put your succulents in the soil, snip one or two lines of the chicken wire, do not snip a huge hole, or your succulents will not stay in the letter when you hang it. Bend the wire you snipped out, place the succulent in the small hole you just made and then bend the wire back down into place over top the roots of the succulent to hold it in place.

Continue this step until the entire letter is full.

Once you have all your succulents in place, start filling in the cracks of the letter with your moss. This gives it a nice, full look! Tuck the moss into the chicken wire without snipping it. You can even weave it in and out of the wire for extra security.

This was one of my favorite DIY projects! You can sit your letter in your home, on your patio or on a table on your porch. The letters are able to be hung, so you can even hang it on an exterior wall! We hung ours outside our studio!
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