David Kind.


I have worn glasses and contacts since I was in Junior High, and finding a pair that were stylish, comfortable and that I really loved has always been a problem.  So much so that I typically only wear my glasses at night.  Then I found out about David Kind & they came in and saved the day! 
I am so excited to share this find with you! David Kind is such a fun, easy & stylish solution to finding the perfect pair of glasses! And it feels a bit luxurious...you start by filling out a simple questionnaire and uploading a picture of yourself.

Then you select a few frames that you feel are a good fit for your style.  And your personal stylist sends you 6 hand picked options to try on at home! See, very luxurious!

The home try on option was perfect for me as I am so bad at making a decision! I loved that I was able to keep them for a few days, wear them around the house, try them on with a couple different hair styles and make sure I was selecting the perfect pair for me. The only problem was it was so hard to pick just one pair!!

When I selected the pair I liked best, I popped the frames back in the mail with the prepaid label and within a few days my personal stylist, Sami, said she was working on getting me my new prescription glasses!

I was super pleased with my experience with David Kind & would buy from them again and again! The process is super easy, fun & tailored to suit your style! Plus the price is affordable!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Pink Sweater: Evys Tree // Tank: Kohls // Jeans: Marshalls // Boots: Blowfish Shoes // Glasses: David Kind

If you are in the market for new glasses, I highly recommend that you give David Kind a try, you will like it!!!

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