Though you Slay Me.


"Though you Slay me" by Shane & Shane, John Piper (voice)

I took so much away from the Influence Conference this past weekend. I am still sorting through it all. I am already looking forward to next year, in fact I bought my early bird ticket before the conference was even over.  I need this conference, I thrived during this conference and I came back with a deep longing to let Jesus fill me up. 

One thing that was pressed so hard upon my heart happened during Lara Casey's class.  She played this video and as I listened the flood gates opened & I just cried & let the words of that song, the truth of those lyrics that were sung so beautifully, sink deep into my heart. 

Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him... Job 13:15. 

We have all been slayed one way or another in this life.  Some more than others, some differently than others, some more often than others.  There is so much pain in this fallen world, so much destruction, so much hurt. But there is hope in Jesus, there is meaning in all that hurt, even if we don't or will never know this side of heaven, what that meaning is.  

Still, still I will praise him. In the midst of the hardest times of my life, my mom dying of cancer, my own battle with cancer, I praised him. Even when it was hard and I didn't understand, I praised him. Even when I was so scared I praised him. Even when I felt it wasn't fair, I praised him.

Though he slay me, I will forever praise him.

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