Instagram Inspirations.


I am inspired daily by the amazingly talented people in my instagram feed. Instagram feels like the most genuine form of social media & is by far my favorite! I feel like inspiration should be spread around so I started my Instagram Inspirations series to share the people who inspire me on the daily.

Heather of @Justlove_ly - Heather is one of the first handmade biz owners & bloggers I came across when I first started.  She continues to be a HUGE inspiration to me. Her feed is so cozy & warm. When I browse her feed I feel like I live in a cabin in the woods where I wear cozy sweaters and read by the fire all day. And I love that.

Shayna of @alittlesojourn - Such pretty, vibrant pictures. Again a very outdoorsy feel to this feed. Maybe it is a theme in my life right now: I need more outdoor fun in my life. I have been dreaming of a cabin in the woods winter getaway for years now. Just me, the hubby, some friends and a fireplace. Fun nights by the fire drinking wine and having great conversation.

Jessie of @sweetthingblog - Beautiful pictures. Gives me a big city culture fix. Since I live in such a small, country town, it is so fun to see her life in Los Angeles.

Any Instagram feeds you suggest following?


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