What's Your Morning Routine? Day 2 with Rachel of Kincaid Parade.


Natalie & I put together a fun project for The Influence Conference NEXT WEEK! We asked 6 bloggers who will be attending the conference to share their morning routines with us. We equipped them with our Latte Mug + Spoon sets to kick start their mornings!

I will share a blogger a day leading up to the conference! Then I will be off to meet new people, get inspired, worship & have a great time in Indiana!

We asked Rachel of Kincaid Parade: What's your morning routine?

We can hear the twins chatting upstairs in their cribs, most likely tossing stuffed animals back and forth. Soon, we'll hear them transition to sing-yelling, the signal they're ready to get dressed. There's no doubt that Ames is awake and staring faithfully at his clock, waiting for it to turn green. Soon, we'll hear his sweet feet pattering down the stairs and into our bedroom.

Until then, though, these fifteen minutes are ours.

Chris prepares my iced coffee and his hot tea. We eat breakfast; sometimes together, sometimes not. He prefers to eat the same thing each morning, but I like to switch things up. My favorite indulgence is a bowl of deliciously unhealthy cereal that I keep hidden from the kids.

It doesn't matter if we're checking emails or reading or talking quietly on the couch or still lying in bed with our treats. Soon, the world will catch up to us. But right now, these fifteen minutes are ours.

Be sure to visit Rachel and say hello & follow her on Instagram - Inspiring things happening there!

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