What's Your Morning Routine? Day 1 with Erin of Blue Eyed Bride.


Natalie & I put together a fun project for The Influence Conference NEXT WEEK! We asked 6 bloggers who will be attending the conference to share their morning routines with us. We equipped them with our Latte Mug + Spoon sets to kick start their mornings!

I will share a blogger a day leading up to the conference! Then I will be off to meet new people, get inspired, worship & have a great time in Indiana!

We asked Erin of the Blue Eyed Bride: What's your morning routine?

We’re in the phase where a certain four-year-old is knocking on our door every morning at 6:00 a.m. This is the earliest he has ever woken up.

And Todd and I are night owls. I hit my second wind at 10:00 p.m. I blog, I watch TV, I stay up way too late for his 6:00 a.m. wake up call.

So Hudson gets our day going. Todd and I sludge around and doze with Hudson in the bed until about 7:00 a.m. And then we start running and racing.

Dressing kids, getting ourselves dressed. Letting the dogs out and feeding the dogs and getting breakfast for the kids. I may guzzle a cup of coffee and wish I had more time to really enjoy it before we jump in the car and head off to school.

I spend my morning while they’re at school running errands, going to the gym, doing housework. Trying to wake up, basically.

But after school, and after lunch. My “mommy power hour” begins.

I get the boys down for naps, let the dogs out, get dinner prepped, and then it’s my time.

Because our mornings start out with us all running wild, I take time during nap time for coffee and quiet.

I turn on my favorite praise music and spread out. The TV is off. The toys are out of sight. I can hear my thoughts.

I sip my coffee slowly out of my gorgeous, enormous latte mug, and I soak up the Word. I work on my daily to-do list, and I have a couple of hours to do it.

It’s my favorite time of day, and if I’m feeling extra productive, I may even go back for a second cup.

I just need a little bit of quiet, a breakfast blend K-Cup, and the Word.

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