What's Your Morning Routine? Day 4 with Kim of Oh Sweet Joy.


Natalie & I put together a fun project for The Influence Conference NEXT WEEK! We asked 6 bloggers who will be attending the conference to share their morning routines with us. We equipped them with our Latte Mug + Spoon sets to kick start their mornings!

I will share a blogger a day leading up to the conference! Then I will be off to meet new people, get inspired, worship & have a great time in Indiana!

We asked Kim of Oh Sweet Joy: What's your morning routine?

I've never been a morning person, but motherhood is slowly turning me into one. I still love to sleep in, but the early wake up call from baby Knox has made me crave a morning routine. I secretly love opening the blinds in the morning and looking out on the sunrise. Finding beauty in the new mercies that I'm granted, in the new day that I get to live, in the landscape and sunrise that surrounds me...it's a beautiful thing.

I nurse Knox around 7-8 am, depending on what time he wakes up, while reading my She Reads Truth plan. As much as I'd love to wake up earlier and journal before He wakes up and actually read from the Bible, rather than a Bible app - it's just where I'm at right now and I'll take that daily bread however I can get it.

I love to get dressed right after Knox gets his breakfast, but that rarely happens. When it does, I feel I can accomplish so much more. I put Knox down to play while I make coffee and usually throw some clothes on while it's brewing. I try to do something with my bed-head. 

If Knox eats before 8, he usually is ready to go back down for a morning nap so I can watch Kelly & Michael and sip my coffee. I love that part of my morning..it gets super quiet and still and then I turn on the tv with the volume super low. I answer some emails and do some random blog work during the commercial breaks...also planning my day in to-do list form.

Basically, my mornings are spent trying to figure out how to be a mom, how to be a disciple of Jesus, how to run a business + a household, and how to drink my cup of coffee without having to reheat it three times.

Before I know it, it's 11 am and Knox is ready to eat again and then..bam. It's lunch time and the afternoon is ready to be taken on.

Be sure to visit Kim and say hello & follow her on Instagram - Inspiring things happening there! 

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