What's Your Morning Routine? Day 3 with Natalie of BBM.


Natalie & I put together a fun project for The Influence Conference NEXT WEEK! We asked 6 bloggers who will be attending the conference to share their morning routines with us. We equipped them with our Latte Mug + Spoon sets to kick start their mornings!

I will share a blogger a day leading up to the conference! Then I will be off to meet new people, get inspired, worship & have a great time in Indiana!

We asked Natalie of the Busy Budgeting Mama: What's your morning routine?

I am a night owl.
I get this from my mama.
She is the same way.. we have always been little busy bees at night, working on stuff...
We laugh about how my dad, when we are all together visiting,
STILL goes through the house turning off the lights around us at 9:00pm.
That's like.. hoursss before you really need to go to bed ;) ;)
Since having kids..I found myself NEEDING to stay up at night so I could actually get things done. Some days, that's the only way things happen!

I don't mind waking up and getting rolling in the morning...
If wake up can come after 7 or 8.
But my little wee ones are MORNING PEOPLE...
and as soon as the sun shines they are ready to take on the day.
Even black out shades don't keep these stinkers sleeping.
They have FINALLY been waking up at 7:00/7:30...
instead of the typical 6:00/6:30.

Growing up I was not a coffee drinker.
But since having a third child....I remember telling Nen OK...
I am going to force myself to like it. haha.
Luckily for me...my husband introduced me to the amazing
combo of chocolate and coffee...cafe mocha....I love you.
(the coffee and the husband)

I need a few things to force help me be a morning person.
A Pretty breakfast area.
Cafe Mocha in a pretty mug.
and of course Morning smoochies from the kids.
(preferably ones without food/boogers etc on their face.)

Pancakes make it easier to be a morning person too.
coffee cake.. sausage egg stratta..you get the idea.
Having real food..or a tasty breakfast food makes it easier to do
the whole up at the crack of dawn thing.
I love oatmeal. or Danon Fit & Active Vanilla yogurt with blueberries and granola. yum.

Be sure to visit Natalie and say hello & follow her on Instagram - Inspiring things happening there! 

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