2013 Influence Conference Meet + Greet.


Things have been plain crazy around here this month.  I had my wisdom teeth cut out (still recovering) my husband is taking a short trip this weekend, I had a big wholesale order to fulfill, I am participating in a local handmade show, AND in a little over 2 weeks I will be leaving for the Influence Conference!

I remember being scared to death to attend my first conference, now I think I am kind of addicted to them! Today I'm sharing a few things I am looking forward to & things I will be sure to bring along + linking up with the Influence Conference meet + greet.

2 things I will be sure to pack:

1. My iPad - so I can take lots of pics to share with you on Instagram + stay connected! 

2. Lots of cute outfits - let's face it, everyone is thinking the same thing!! I'm a notorious over packer so I am sure I will have enough if you forget something! ;)

2 things I am most looking forward to:

1.  Meeting my handmade "mastermind" group. I have emailed, texted, video chatted and shared my business & real life with Natalie, Megan, Rebecca & Melody for over a year now & we FINALLY get to meet at Influence! It is going to be an amazing time full of memories! 

2.  Starbucks EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING. Seriously, I'm sure you all know I am a COFFEE ADDICT & the closest Starbucks is about 45 minutes away from where I live! (that should be a crime) I am looking forward to having lots of coffee dates - hopefully lots of relationships will be strengthened and built over coffee in a couple weeks!

Are you going to Influence or any other conferences this year?

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