Wear + Dwell Inspiration: Mint, Black & White.


Wear: 1//2//3
Dwell: 1//2//3

You know how you have certain types of things that you love to shop for? Like make up, hair products, shoes, art or gadgets. My favorite things to shop for are clothes and accessories & decor for our home.  

It's been over a year since we moved into our new home and I'm finally ready to really start making it our own.  I'm almost finished redoing the kids/guest bathroom & next up is our master bedroom. 

We have never had a room all to ourselves.  Our last home was small and we only had room for our bed, a crib and a small dresser. It's nice having a big room just for us.  I want to make it a nice place for us to retreat to.  I joke that everything in my house is mint. I seem to only want to use that color....but I am going a new route and using black and white for our bedroom & I am so excited about it!

In addition to the inspiration above, you can see more inspiration on my Pinterest board.

What are your favorite things to shop for?
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