Kelley's Island 2013


For about 7 years now we have tried to plan a family vacation tradition with our best friends & it has never worked out.  Until this year that is! It was short a short trip, but a sweet one full of memories! Though I love the ocean, we decided to stay closer to home & went to Kelley's Island Ohio. I had not been there since high school.

Kelley's Island is beautiful. You take a ferry to get to the island & it is so peaceful there. We kept asking each other, "why don't we come here more often?"  It's an island in Lake Erie & has a population of approximately 313 on the 4.1 square mile island.  Most people drive golf carts or ride bikes around the island, we did both and it was so much fun! All the kids said the golf cart was there favorite thing!

We spent our time at the pool, eating at the local restaurants, searching the beaches for shells, taking walks, exploring the island, getting ice cream down town & watching sunsets over the water. It was a great vacation!

I found that I couldn't stop snapping pictures of the scenery, especially the water. I have always felt most alive by the water!  I have dreamed of owning a little beach cottage one day. I always pictured it by the ocean, but I am considering changing my dream to owning a lake house!

My best friend of 24 years & our kiddos. 

Did you go on vacation this year? Where are your favorite vacation spots?

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