Monday Mash Up: Re-Branding Inspiration.


1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8//9 via my design inspiration board on Pinterest.

I'm so excited to share with you that I am in the process of re-branding and changing up the design of the blog & shop.  I have been throwing out some sneak peek's on Instagram & wanted to give you even more of an idea of what the new look will be! 

As you can tell I am changing up the color scheme.  I am going with black & white & of course my favorite color, mint.  I am also incorporating hand lettering.  It feels so much more grown up & I could not be more excited! 

I'm teaming up with Val & Dana for my new look & I know I am in good hands & can not wait to see what they do!

I am so excited to share more of the design & my updated packaging! In the mean time, how about a special look at the rough sketch of my new logo?! 
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You can a better idea of my design inspiration by checking out my entire inspiration board.

So, what do you think?

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