Monday Mash Up: Create A DIY Number Wall


The start of my number wall via Instagram

I have a thing for Numbers...maybe that's why I married one? Ok, lame joke! Give me a break, it's Monday! 

Anyway, I love decorating with vintage. That's a given. But I also love using Numbers, and it fits perfectly given our last name is Numbers.  

I started a number wall in our living room playing off the fact that there are 5 of us Numbers'.  I have been collecting all sorts of number 5's & plan to surround our family picture with them. 


I shared the picture of my (in progress) number wall on Instagram, and a few of you said you were looking for numbers too, so thought I would share some really cool ones I found. 

While I was browsing, I found some more 5's to add to my collection, I bought this one and this one. I can't wait to get them! They will look perfect with the others!

Do you have a number wall? Do you decorate with numbers? Leave a link, I would love to see! 

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