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I can't believe it is the middle of May! So much is going on right now! I launched a new line of stacking rings, school is wrapping up, my daughter is turning 7 this month, we are planning a couple weekend trips, we are throwing a 10 year anniversary bash (I can't believe we have been married almost 10 years!) & I am working on some new jewelry pieces. Whew! Lots to do! 

At busy times in life like these I am reminded of how fast life goes by. That soon my babies will be big, soon there will be no more snuggles on the couch, no more binkies, no more sweet little baby feet running down the hallway.  And it makes me sad.  I am constantly reminded and inspired by Casey to soak it all in. 

Life changes. Life goes on. It is sad & it is happy. 

But I have been reminding myself lately when my life gets hard, when my life gets stressful, when I am overwhelmed and want to scream and run away, that this is my life & it is flying by. I need to stop and live in the moment. Stop and enjoy my life & my babies. Stop and actually LIVE my life.  

My heart is so full right now. I want to remember this time in my life forever. I want to lock these feelings in my heart forever. I want to hold my babies tight and never let go...

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