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I decided to give my facebook page a little makeover the other day. I wanted to incorporate a little about myself, make my logo more prominent & make it easy to find me other places on the web.

Now, I'm no graphic designer & don't claim to be, but I think it looks pretty good and accomplished what I wanted! 

I also wanted to make it easy to find me elsewhere on the web.  I get so frustrated when this happens: I stumble upon a new page, I like what I see & want to see more. BUT I can not find any info on where I can find that person's shop, blog etc.  I search around until I get annoyed and then give up. 

To make sure that doesn't happen to people when they visit my page, I used ipiccy to make some simple icons that match my branding to use to direct people to my Instagram, Twitter & Shop.

Here are two more great examples of lovely, easy to navigate business Facebook pages:

Heather of Just Lovely Things uses her branding logo in header & makes it easy to find her in various other places on the web.  Her shop and blog links are right in the info section and she also has her shop, instagram & pinterest links in the prominent top spots.

Becki of Whippy Cake keeps it pretty, simple and easy to navigate too! You can easily see what she is all about & find her URL in her about section + she has icons for her Instagram & Pinterest sites for easy access.

There are a ton of apps out there you can incorporate into your Facebook page. Seriously, google just about anything and I think you will find it. 

I chose to feature my Instagram, Twitter & Shop in the remaining 3 spots on my page (the 4th is for pictures).  I chose some helpful apps & I really like how you can click on the tabs I made and be taken to the corresponding page within my facebook page. 

I especially like that you can click to follow me on Twitter & Instagram right from that Facebook page! So handy!

Here is a screen shot of what it looks like when you click on my Instagram tab.  I used the Statigram app for this. I love that it displays 6 of my most recent pics and also has a FOLLOW button right there so people don't have to leave my Facebook page to follow me!

For my Twitter feed to show up on my Facebook Page I used the Tweets to Page App.

I also wanted my shop to be accessible on Facebook so I used the  Storenvy feature that allows you to add your shop to your Facebook page. All you need to do is log into your storenvy account and in the store icon drop down menu click "Facebook app." Easy! 

You can even add an exlusive discount for your Facebook fans to use! {see mine displayed right at the top}

I am satisfied with the changes I made & hope they make it a little easier for those wanting to find me in other venues besides Facebook! 

What apps or features do you like using on Facebook?
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