10 Tips for Making Successful Etsy Treasuries (Continued)


I'm excited to share the remaining 5 tips for creating successful Etsy Treasuries with you today.  I love creating treasuries & have had 2 of my treasuries featured on the front page recently.  So I thought I would share some of the tips I have learned along the way! (I in no way think I am an expert. There, that's out of the way.)

I already shared tips 1-5, so if you missed those, you catch up here!

6. Utilize the Top 4 Spots Well.

Above is a screen shot of the Etsy Treasury page. Treasuries are organized like this, showing the top 4 items in that treasury to the right and the title and creator of the treasury to the left. 

This is all you have to draw people in & make them want to see more.  You want your best 4 items from your treasury in the top 4 spots.  Use items with the best pictures & the ones that best reflect your treasury in the top 4 spots. 

Here's a snap shot of 3 of my recent treasuries.  I picked the 4 best items for the top 4 spots.  Focusing on the pictures & the items that I thought would draw the most people in.  Because that is the goal, getting your treasury & the amazing items featured in it seen! 

Recent front page Treasury by Daphne

7. Background Check.

Have you ever noticed that Etsy & websites & publications like pictures with white, clean backgrounds?  It took me a while to figure this out, but it is true!  

For the most part, items featured on the front page will have a white or clean background. So will items Etsy chooses to feature on their blog & in the gift guides they pick. Look around if you don't believe me! :) More Etsy picks here, here & here.

Here's a look at 2 recent front page treasuries:

Notice how the backgrounds are mostly white + clean and all the items flow well and look like they belong together?  Perfection.

I always try and choose products that are photographed well & have a clean, white, minimalist background. That does not mean every item I pick will fall in this category, but the majority of them will.

8. Use Every Available Spot.

There are are 16 spots to fill when you create an Etsy Treasury.  The front page only features 12 of those items, but you still want to fill all 16 spots with quality, beautiful pieces that match the rest of your treasury. 


The most important reason is to have items that can replace items that sell while the treasury is being featured.  If an item sells and you don't have any items picked to replace it, that's a problem.  

9. Spread the word.

I always start by emailing the shop owners I featured & letting them know I featured their item in my treasury. I say something like:


I love your shop & featured your ________ (you can be specific for each shop owner here) in my latest treasury! {insert treasury link here}

I would love for you to visit, click, comment & share! 

Happy Sales! 

I also find it helpful to tweet links to treasuries I make, share them on facebook and or Instagram, Pin them & create Monday Mash Ups sharing treasuries I have made & items I love!

10. Make it Pretty.

Sounds pretty obvious, but it's so important! Choose items that are beautiful, unique & are photographed really well! Make sure your 16 items go together and are easy to look at.  Make sure your eyes can just flow across the treasury with ease. 

Everyone loves looking at pretty, well put together, interesting treasuries...don't they?! 

I hope you found these 10 tips helpful! If you create a treasury  leave a link in the comments, I would love to see it! 

Remember to read up on tips 1-5! Happy treasury making friends! 

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