Green Wedding Shoes: Wedding Inspiration + a Feature!


A little while ago Janie of The Bride's Cafe asked me to send her a few of my Custom Vintage Wedding pieces to be used in a styled wedding shoot.  I LOVE everything Janie does so I gladly sent some items off to her. 

A while later she contacted me and said that the styled shoot was going to be featured on Green Wedding Shoes! I was so excited! 

I LOVE weddings, they provide so much inspiration for me! I even have a pinterest board dedicated to weddings! For me, they are so inspiring...and not just for wedding ideas, many of my decor and design ideas were sparked by wedding photos!

It was a beautiful shoot and I'm so thrilled to have been a part of it! I am honored they decided to feature my husband & wife forks and a custom wedding cake server.

♥ Be sure to stop over at Green Wedding Shoes + The Bride's Cafe to see the entire shoot! 

What likely or unlikely places do you find inspiration from?

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