7 Handmade Soft Dolls for your Little.


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My great grandma made me a handmade soft doll when I was little & she was one of my favorites!   You would pull the bows on the side of her head and her eyes would open and close. I still have her.

Needless to say, I am a little in love with the options out there today! 

I bought #5 for Lucy for Christmas and she LOVES her!! (So do I!) I also recently discovered Hoho's from A Little Bit Funky (#7) and I am mildly obsessed with them. I'm not sure if I am buying them for my kids or myself! I actually joked to my hubby that I was going to get one for me and one for him for our bed...he was pretty amused.

It's so fun to share things you loved when you were little with your children! And when they end up loving them too, it is even better! 

What things did you love as a child that you share with your children?

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