10 Tips for Making Successful Etsy Treasuries.


I love sharing my favorite handmade finds.  I do this weekly with my Monday Mash Up features and I also love creating Etsy Treasuries

Treasuries are a great way to find & share handmade items you may not have stumbled across otherwise. Treasuries can be a great networking tool as well. 

I was lucky enough to have 2 of my Etsy Treasuries featured on the Front Page recently & I thought I would share some tips I have learned about making successful Etsy Treasuries.

If you are new to Etsy Treasuries & never made one before, Etsy has a very helpful How to article full of useful information to get you started.

Today I will share tips 1-5 with you on how to create a successful Etsy Treasury. (tips 6-10 coming soon)

1. Have a Theme. 
The Valentine Treasury above was one of mine that was featured on the front page.  The theme I was going for is pretty obvious: Valentine's Day.  

Before you create your Treasury, have a theme in mind. It can be a color theme, a Holiday theme {like mine} a subject theme or a product theme.  

I have done many different themes:
Holiday Themes
Bed & Breakfast Theme
Coffee Theme
Black & White Theme
Vintage Farm House Theme
Vintage Floral Theme

Choosing a theme will make your treasury cohesive, easy to follow and relevant. 

2. Know What's Trending & Hot.

It is important to know what is trending and popular. Etsy wants to feature these types of things on the Front page because they will sell. 

Find out what's Hot:
  • Explore the Etsy Blog & see what is being featured.
  • Sign up for & read the Etsy Finds Emails.
  • Check out what has been featured on the front page recently.
  • Be aware of trends happening right now & use that. 
  • Use trending colors, items & themes. 

Examples of some current trends are:
  • Red & Aqua color combo.
  • Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Theme. 
  • Rustic, Wooden themes hit the front page frequently. 

3. Be Diverse.

The above treasury was another one of mine featured on the Front Page.  I chose a bed & breakfast getaway theme, keeping Valentine's Day in mind. I chose a variety of different kinds of items, which is very important.  

Here are some more tips for staying diverse:
  • Do not use more than 1 item per shop.
  • Don't include your own items...spread the love.
  • Use a variety of items from a range of different shops.
  • Keep all types of shoppers in mind & use different types of items while still staying true to your theme.

4. Be Aware of the Season or Holiday.

Etsy keeps up with the changing seasons & Holidays on the Front Page.  Keep your treasury relevant to that. 

For example, it's close the Valentine's Day so my latest treasuries are all relating to Feb. 14th.  2 out of 3 of them hit the Front Page! 

If it's summer, create a fresh treasury with shorts, pastels and sunshine. If it's fall, burnt oranges, boots and scarves. You get the picture!

5. Tag it Right.

You have a theme in mind, you paid attention to trends, you've chosen a variety of products and kept it diverse & relevant to the season. Now you want your treasury to get noticed. 

Make sure you are paying attention to the trending tags. (see above) 

You can use up to 18 tags for your treasury. Choose them carefully & thoughtfully and USE THEM ALL. Use some of the trending tags that are relevant to your treasury.  That is how Etsy & others will search for and discover treasuries.

I hope you found tips 1-5 helpful! Stay tuned for tips 6-10 to finish up my 10 tips for Successful Etsy Treasuries.

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