And just like that, Christmas is over...


Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  
I love gathering with family, exchanging gifts & spending time together. 
I love decorating. 
I love baking cookies with my aunt & cousins.
I love giving gifts. 
I love singing Christmas songs. 
I love snuggling up by the twinkle lights. 
I love hearing my kids excitement on Christmas eve, the only night they go to bed without complaint.
I love celebrating my Savior's Birth.
It is just a magical time of year.

Every year is the same.  When all the presents are opened and all the family Christmas's are over, there's that empty feeling.  A Christmas hangover I guess...

But I really enjoyed it this year. Kids really make Christmas magical! Watching them & their wonder was so refreshing! 

Then when all the presents had been opened, the hubby decided to "recycle" our paper and wrap up his dad's present with it! I thought it was quite funny & so did his family! :) 

We even had our first big snow! 

How was your Christmas?

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