Monday Mash Up: Golden Child


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I know it's Tuesday, but as with everything around here, I am behind. Do you ever feel like you go and go and go and still have so much more to do? I hate that feeling + I have been feeling it a lot lately. 

  • I have been cranking out orders like a little elf & I am so very thankful for the blessing of my business
  • I am SO VERY excited about the Twilight MARATHON Thurs! Geeking out over here!
  • I am preparing for hosting my first Thanksgiving! I am so excited to have family over! We are doing lunch + then hanging out all day then eating leftovers! 
  • Dana revamped my landing page & I LOVE it! 
  • I have not had time to read my fav blogs and catch up on facebook lately & I feel out of the loop! 
What have you been up to? What have I missed lately?


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