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Hi there! My name is Amanda Leigh Sax and I am the founder, owner and designer of lovingLeigh Yours, Inc

I want to give a big thank-you to Ms. Jessica for having me on here today. I LOVE her work and think she is a brilliant small business owner and blogger.

What's created in your studio? I make handmade and custom picture frames and quote plaques

What does a normal day of work look like? I'm up around 7:30am and first have my breakfast and coffee. Then while still in pjs or comfy clothes, I go through emails, etsy, facebook etc to catch up on inquiries. Then it's design time! I work on orders until lunch {which I usually eat in front of the tv with my funny girl Ellen}. I do have a part-time job at which I work closing shifts -but it is not every day- so if I don't have it that day, I'll work on more designs after lunch.

Where do you find inspiration? I go to art fairs; subscribe to cutesy magazines where I find quotes; pinterest and etsy... the list goes on!

How did your business start? I was a graphic designer after college but quickly grew to dislike sitting behind the computer all day. I'm a more hands-on girl! I had made frames as gifts for family, so after Hubby and I married in March 2011, I sat him down and discussed quitting my job and starting my business. He said I could if I agreed to get a part-time job ;)

Any tips for success that have really helped you? Don't be afraid to ask people for help! I'm a one-woman shop so I talk to other small business friends about what works for them; Facebook is really good for me, too. Not only have I received orders from people who have seen my work on Facebook, but I also love connecting with other small businesses on there... I found jessicaNdesigns that way!!

Secret dream/goal for your business? The fact that my work is handmade and customizable is really appealing to people. They like one-of-a-kind. I also like selling my work to local stores. BUT, I think it would also be really neat to have a {small} line of pieces in the mass market so everyone can have something of mine :) I also decided to start my own business before we have kids so when the time comes for little ones, hopefully I can stay at home with them and still contribute to our family financially.

One thing you wish you would have known before you started your business: I feel like I will always be in the trial and error stage- but I think that's okay. I'm always trying to better my work, and come up with new designs to offer people. Small businesses take time to turn a profit.

Let's Play THIS OR THAT?! With Amanda:

coffee or tea? definitely coffee. I love our Keurig, and yes, Starbucks!
vintage or new? vintage, but sometimes even new things that look vintage
DVD or big screen? i do love date night, but we also love curling up on our comfy couch with a glass of wine {for me} and a microbrew for the hubby watching a rented dvd
big city or small town? i grew up in a suburb of Chicago, so I do love having both. But we live in the suburbs now and stay out here most nights; it is fun to have a date in the city though
Book or movie? love me a good movie AND a good book. But books that are turned into movies are usually better as books
flats or heels? flats for the most part, i guess. My feet always hurt in heels or boots... but I am only 5' 1"
stay in or go out? when we're not curled up on the couch, we love seeing our friends and family. I have a big family with lots of nieces and nephews
hugs or kisses? hmmm that is tough. I do love a sweet hug and kiss from my nieces and nephews - ugh it melts my heart. Hubby is good at both :)
lip gloss or lip stick? can I say chapstick?
silver or gold? when I was younger I would have said silver. i'm loving gold now; even pieces with a mix of the two
jewelry or gadgets? i'm leaning more towards jewelry, but guilty, i love my iPhone

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