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Hi! I'm Emma.

You can find my crazy, mostly happy, sometimes weird self on my blog. It's titled Remain Calm, Have A Cupcake... Why? because sometimes life gets crazy, and you just have to stuff your face with a cupcake. Specially if you're a mom... or have a husband.. or friends... LOL no matter what stage of life you're in, sometimes life is hard. And after you pray for patience, strength, or sleep, a cupcake, a small piece of chocolate, a heavenly cookie, or a Wal-Mart cheesecake slice eaten with your bare hands in the parking lot can be that short moment of bliss. A few minutes, at times just seconds, where you just enjoy yourself.

This summer has been fun. Hot, but fun. At times I wasn't sure we'd make it alive. Finally, we're experiencing some fall weather. So I'd thought I'd share a short autumn "must-haves" with you. 

Lets begin with fashion.. booties anyone? I love them! 


At first, I was a little weary about them. Now I love them. They look super cute with a dress and tights. Babble.com did a great piece on how to wear booties! [here]

Painting pumpkins is a family tradition! It's a blast! Just not sure why my kids insist on making theirs so ugly?

There's a corn maze that I'm taking them to this week down the road. We haven't been before but I think it'll be fun! Flying kites, feeding birds, going for walks and seeing the leaves change... It's all so fun to me.

But my all time favorite fall things are baking....
I love making apple pies [my fave recipe here], sweet potato pies, cakes, cookies... they all make our house smell so lovely! after a hot summer without even wanting to turn on the stove, much less the oven, I actually enjoy baking! [+ eating!]

And last but not least, I love crocheting.

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I'll be adding more bracelets to the shop soon so keep an eye out on that! Discount code expires November 30th at midnight pacific time.

Thank you Jessica for always being so supportive and challenging me to make something huge! 

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