Mini Home Tour - How to make a House a Home.


Yesterday I shared my DIY Faux Vintage Pull Down Map Tutorial & while I was in the proccess of photographing it, I thought it might be fun to give you a mini-tour of my home.  So sit back while I give you a peek inside my living room where we spend most of our time!

Most of the things I decorate my home with are either thrifted, given to me, picked up a garage sales or found on these awesome facebook groups my Dad's wife Debbie got me hooked on! 

I got my old fireplace mantel (that I am in love with) off one of the facebook groups I belong to.  The lady I purchased it from said she found it in a very old farm house in a nearby town. 

It's a solid wood fireplace mantel and I can not believe the great condition it is in!  The details on the front of the mantel are like nothing made today!  I repainted it in my newest color obsession, mint! It is the focal point of the living room.

I love finding amazing vintage items to decorate my house with, it makes it feel so much more homey! But decorating is not the only thing that makes a house a home. 

I was listening to a country song yesterday ( I can't remember which one) but the artist was singing about how we seem to have forgotten how to make a house a home.  And sadly, I think that is largely true! 

It is very important to me that my children grow up with good morals, values and a sense of responsibility. I do not want them to have a sense of entitlement.

I believe all of that starts at home. It is my & my husbands responsibility to instill these things in our children. It is my prayer that with the Lord's help, we do a good job.

Here are some ways I try to make our house a home:

  • I want to eat as a family every night & talk about whatever is on our hearts.  
  • I want to make our kids feel secure, safe, able to come to me and their father with anything.  
  • I want to teach them to be kind, respectful, hard working, loving, caring, responsible people who shine for the Lord in whatever they do. 
  • I want to pray together as a family. I want to teach them to take everything to the Lord.
  • I want to have weekly family movie nights where we all snuggle together.
  • I want to tuck them in each night with prayers, kisses and hugs.
  • I want to show them they are loved, unconditionally.  

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