Wednesday with Jenna: DIY Necklace Holder


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Jenna, my awesome friend & new DIY contributor is back today with another pretty & functional DIY tutorial! 

In case you missed last weeks tutorial, go check out how to make a super cute makeup organizer for $6! 

What you need:

  • Any type of scrap wood
  • Vintage (or new) knobs
  • Screws 
  • Wall hanger 
  • Pretty Necklaces

♥ Step 1: Pick out any door knobs that you would want to use. I found mine at an antique store. JoAnn Fabrics has some really nice ones too. Line them up on the wood to where you want to scew them in. I marked mine with a pencil so I wouldn't lose track of where I wanted them.

♥ Step 2: Get your screw driver & screw in the back of the door knob to the wood. Repeat until you have all your door knobs on.

♥ Step 3: Once all of your door knobs are screwed in the wood get the wall hanger & screw that in the back of the wood so you can easily hang it up!

This is a very easy & fun DIY project that makes a good gift! I left my barn siding the way it was but painting it would look great as well!

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Happy Hump Day Friends! 
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