The Icing on the Cake & Anthropologie Knows About Me?!


I shared a teaser photo on my facebook page the other day & I decided to end the suffering and show you my NEW PRODUCT that will hit the shop when I open back up on August 27th! 

CUSTOM bunting style Cake Toppers!

I LOVE the way they turned out! 

And what's really cool? They don't just have to be for weddings. They can be customized for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, whatever you want! 


That's my 'Grill Master' Fork...on Anthropologie's Tumbler (!!@!!#@!#!@!)

An OH.MY.GOOD-NESS. Moment happened this weekend. The kind that makes you jump up and down and text everyone you know with the CU-RAZY amazing news...I was featured on Anthropologie's Tumbler & I about peed my pants...

I know we are not BFFs or anything, but Anthropologie visited my shop...they liked something in it...they included it on their Tumblr. 

That makes me smile! :)

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