Monday Mash Up + American Baby & Bella Magazine Features!



Color makes me happy + I am feeling very HAPPY today!  

Earlier this summer I was asked by American Baby Magazine to send them samples of my hand stamped Vintage Baby Silverware to possible be included in an upcoming issue.  It was a huge surprise!

Stunned silence followed by little girl screams of excitement ensued!

I obviously sent off some samples & sent up a humble prayer of thankfulness for the opportunity. 

Months went by and I did not hear anything back, so I figured I was not chosen.  But the other day I received the most amazing email letting me know that my silverware was featured in the September issue of American Baby Magazine

I am pretty sure I re-read the email a few times before it actually sunk in!

I received a copy in the mail the other day & I was so excited, thankful, happy. proud & humbled.  It was a happy day! 

Earlier this spring, my i do, me too forks & custom server were also featured in Bella NYC Magazine! (STUNNED)

I will be honest, being featured in a magazine has been a goal of mine for a long time.  I feel very blessed that that goal has become a reality! 

It's important to have goals! Sometimes it can be discouraging if we don't reach them right away.  

Here's some encouragement for you:

  • Write it down: it makes it so much more real.
  • Don't give up, it may take a while to reach your goal.
  • Put yourself out there. Make connections in the blog + handmade world.
  • Don't be afraid to dream big. 
  • Have a support system: everyone needs cheerleaders!

I want to say THANK YOU to American Baby Magazine, Bella NYC Magazine & all of you for your constant support & encouragement! It means so much to me! 

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