Mint pants & flowy tops. Yes, I actually got dressed.


I don't link up to the 'What I wore' posts often because well, I don't get out of my sweats often!  So when I do, it's a monumental occasion and I make the hubby take pictures to document it! He LOVES it. (Yes Sheldon, that is sarcasm) 

Flowy tops are a staple in my wardrobe. They are fashionable & they make me feel comfortable, which in turn makes me feel confident.  Everyone knows a confident woman is a beautiful woman! 

Forever 21 is my favorite store! I admit, walking in the door is a bit overwhelming at first, but I soon feel right at home.  Their clothes are cheap, trendy and just my style! 

 Top: Forever 21
♥ Tank: Forever 21
♥ Mint Pants: Kohls
 Flip Flops: Kohls
♥ Personalized feather necklace: jessicaNdesigns
♥ 'do all things with love' wrap bracelet: jessicaNdesigns

What's your favorite store? 
What's a staple in your wardrobe? 

pleated poppy

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