It's An Arm Party- Bring your Arm Candy!


So...I might have gotten a little carried away making Arm Candy! 
I'm always up for a party, so when my girl LeonoraIllene said they were throwing an Arm Party...I knew I was "going!"

Basically, we were given some fun questions to answer about ourselves (my favorite said question: "who was your childhood crush" cue LUKE PERRY) & then we were matched with a partner to make & swap bracelets with!  

I think we were a match made in bracelet swapping heaven: both of us hold 'Dirty Dancing' as our favorite movie! :)

The bracelet I made for my lovely swap partner Jennifer, who told me her fav colors were black, hot pink & silver! 

Hope you liked it Jennifer
And now for my arm candy:

Thank you so much Jennifer! I think it looks pretty good with my outfit! And I'm pretty sure Luke Perry would love it! ;)

Thanks for hosting the Arm Party Leonora & Illene! It was so much fun! 

Now...what to do with the extras I made?!

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