New Product Reveal & Noteworthy Links


Ooooooo Very Mysterious! 

I just finished up my latest newsletter, which just happens to include the reveal of my newest product, which I just happen to be in love with! 

Want a look for yourself? Subscribe for free here & see the non blurry version! *wink*

I love Gussy's Noteworthy link posts, so I thought I would give it a go & share some noteworthy links from my recent readings:

Dana of Wonder Forest

  • Dana makes a great point in her post about choices, we don't HAVE to do anything.
  • Casey is always inspiring and uplifting...she is a daily read!
  • I am completely in love with Katie's shop...I find myself going back and admiring...a lot.
  • My Girl Leonora shares a CUTE DIY Arrow necklace on her blog! 
  • This was a refreshing reminder from Danielle at Etsy!
What noteworthy links do you have to share? 
Leave them in the comments!

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