D.I.Y. Makeup Organizer & My New DIY Contributor!


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 Step 1: Go to the Dollar Store & head to the utensil isle & get three silver trays. 2 wine glasses and if you want 1 regular glass. = $6 total 

♥ Step 2: Heat up your hot glue gun or get super glue. In the mean time, you can clean the trays & glasses off really good with hot water & Windex 

♥ Step 3: Take the top of the wine glass & place your glue on the rim & stem of the glass and place the wine glass upside down on the first tray. Repeat for the second layer & for the third regular glass on the top tray. That glass is great for Brushes, Mascara & Eyeliner! 

♥ Step 4: Place whatever you want on the trays. It's cute for makeup or jewelry! 

♥ Such an EASY & CHEAP way to create your own makeup organizer. ♥ 

I am thrilled to introduce you to my NEW DIY Contributor! She is my good friend & my family photographer! ;)  She is so fun, beautiful, kind, funny, crafty & one of the nicest people I know! 

Without further ado, i introduce you to Jenna:

Hi, my name is Jenna Waidelich & I'm obsessed with crafts, cupcakes, my dog, Winston, running, reading & photography.

I'm an oral surgeon's assistant, but in my spare time I create headbands & oven mitts. With my family & friends encouragement I will be opening my Etsy shop shortly, but in the meantime you can check out my photography blog & find me on facebook & Pinterest!

Happy Crafting! 

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