It's been almost a month?!


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It is shameful that it has been almost a month since I last blogged...Life has just been plan crazy lately

We are all moved into our new house and almost all a few boxes here and there! It was an adjustment for the kids & us.  We moved from town to the country and even though I was not sure if I would like it, I am loving it out here! It feels like our own little private piece of God's land out here! 

The first few nights were a shock, I never knew how much noise there actually was at night in is DEAD SILENT & PITCH DARK here at night. 

But the house is everything we ever wanted & the kids love it here! Everyone seems so much more happy now that we are not on top of each other in such a small house! 

Business has been booming and it's keeping me insanely busy! I just launched a NEW LINE called the "Jar of Hearts Collection" and I love it! I feel so inspired lately and I am constantly adding new things to the shop!

I hope to get back to semi-regular blogging, but with life like it is lately, I can't make any promises! ;) 

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