What a few weeks these have been...


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This past month or so has been packed full of life changing events, some smaller than others, but all of them important. I'm pretty exhausted with all that life has decided to throw at us this past month. Hopefully the following will explain why I have been seriously M.I.A lately. 

First of all, I decided (with a little push from my amazing facebook fans) to cut my hair. WOW, what a real "life changing event" you may be thinking.  But for me, it was.  

Some of you may not know that I am a cancer survivor. 4 years ago (2 months after my son was born) I found a lump in my neck that turned out to be Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I underwent 3 biopsy surgeries, 4 months of Chemo, 1 month of radiation & was determined to be CANCER FREE! (Someday I need to tell my story)

Anyway, ONE of the hardest things for me was losing my hair. So when it grew back, I DID NOT CUT IT...for 4 years...it was my security blanket...a reminder of what I went through & survived, and I was afraid to part with it.  

But I knew I wanted to donate it when I did finally cut it.  I can not imagine being a kid or being the parent of a kid with Cancer. In fact, the thought terrifies me. I would much rather get cancer again then have one of my babies get it.  So the thought that even in a small way, I could bless a child that is going through cancer, made me so hopeful.  In fact, a comment from Lisa, a facebook fan, made up my mind entirely:

" Jessica, wouldn't it be an honour to be the child receiving the hair from someone as strong and courageous as you. It would sure give them hope that they could be cancerless one day too! Giving can be as much as a blessing as receiving."

I cried when I read that and texted my hair stylist that I was indeed chopping it off to donate it! (Pictures of the whole experience to follow)

I don't regret it one bit! 

We also put our home up for sale. 

We found a house we loved, after 2 years of looking and contemplating moving or making it work as a family of 5 in a 1000 square foot house.  We prayed about it and decided it was right and made an offer. After a day of waiting, and negotiating our offer was accepted!

I was so excited..and nervous...and sad. We were actually going to sell our little cottage that I loved so much.

We moved in when I was 5 months pregnant with our first child. We shared so many memories, brought home 3 beautiful children here, loved and lived and were Blessed here. I am sad to leave, but super excited to move to a new house!

And this is so very true! We will make a new home together & live & love and be Blessed there! Plus, I know it is right for us, we sold our house IN ONE WEEK! To a sweet girl I graduated with & she is so happy about the house, and I am so happy it is going to her!

On top of all that, my hubby was in and out of the hosptial for weeks, the latest stint happened after I got pretty upset with the ER nurse lady who answers the phone after they sent him home without doing anything. I then took him to the cardiologist who sent us right over to the hospital where we learned he would be transported by ambulance to a bigger hospital to meet with a heart surgeon about draining the fluid off his heart.  TALK ABOUT A FREAK OUT MOMENT...that was me in the hospital hallway, bawling my eyes out, praying God would protect him & get us through this. 

And God is good! We got to the hospital, met with the cardiologists and they decided to admit him, wait on the surgery & try some stronger meds...they started to work & he started feeling better, PRAISE THE LORD! 

They diagnosed him with Pericarditis. It is basically, fluid around the sac of the heart caused by a virus...scary stuff! He is home now, and feeling better, but not back to normal.  They said it could be months before it completely goes away. 

SO, I hope that explains why I have been pretty absent, behind on emails & stressed to the max! 

But God is so good & he always has us in his hands...I get through life's tough moments by remembering that & having faith that God has better plans for us than we could ever imagine!

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