Happy Birthday To Me!


My Birthday Faces:
Whoop! It's my birthday! / Wait, I'm 30. / OMG I am 30... / Oh well Let's party!

First of all, I can NOT believe I am 30...I am kind of embarrassed to admit it. But what can you do...whine & complain, be depressed for a bit, day dream about the old days, wish you were younger, do something crazy. OR you can appreciate the days you are given, be happy about where you are in life, feel blessed you have reached this milestone, hope & pray for many more amazing years. 

Sure, while I may remain a little dumb founded that I am in fact out of my 20s, I have decided to embrace this milestone age. I have decided to give Thanks to the Lord for even being here, for the life he has blessed me with, for the years he has given me!   My best friend (who also turns 30 next month) texted me a quote yesterday & it really hit home:

"Do not regret growing older.  It is a privilege denied to many."  ~Author Unknown

That is so true! And to be honest, I have all I have ever wanted.  A husband who I love with all my heart, 3 beautiful children, my own successful business, a family that I treasure, amazing friends that I adore & the life I always dreamed of! I would say that is pretty darn good for 30! 

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Also, be sure to check back next week for a BIG CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY! I am planning a "My favorite things" giveaway & I can't wait! 

Happy Birthday to me! 
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