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2011 was really a break out year for me!  My shop and blog grew tremendously and I am so thankful! I truly love what I do and you all help make it possible! {big hugs}

I really never thought I would be here...sure I dreamed of it, but even in my dreams I never really knew WHAT it  WAS that I would be doing.  I just always knew I wanted to own my own business and work from home, make my own schedule, be there for my kids. 

It is so amazing to me that almost 2 years ago I wrote my first blog post, when I read it I get chills. So crazy how far I have come!

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It took a lot of failures and a lot of work to get here. But it proves you CAN do what you dream if you work hard at it! (I will be honest, sometimes I think I will jinx it & all this will go away if I talk about it out loud)

I talked a bit before about how I really started to develop my "brand" (Thank you Dana!) and how I have come in to my own as a designer...it took a lot of trial, error, mistakes and not so great stuff to finally be incredibly happy and proud of what I design! 

Because of the success I have had, I have gained confidence to try new things, expand my inventory & make new designs! It makes me so happy every time I add something new to my shop! 

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So, whatever it is you're dreaming of, keep dreaming...dream big!  And work hard, don't be afraid of failure & trying new things.  Find a good support system & others that are going through, or doing what you are doing.  YOU CAN DO IT!

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