Join Me for January's Photo A Day Challenge?


I am now obsessed with Instagram...and while browsing last night I saw this Photo Challenge from Fat Mum Slim on the Popular Page.  

I think it looks really fun, and I have always wanted to do a photo challenge, so why not now? 

I am going to take these pictures daily, and then at the end of the month post them all in some sort of collage format on the blog!  And I thought it would be even MORE FUN to do a linky party so I can see all of your photos as well!  

So, if you want to join me, start taking your photos using this as a guide, and at the end of the month I will post mine along with the link party for you to join! What a fun way for us all to share the 1st month of the new year in photos! 

Do you plan on joining me? Leave me a comment & let me know! 
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