I get wild hairs up my you know where & decide to move the living room around sometimes...our living room is a long rectangle so it is insanely difficult to get it just right...but it is pretty good right now!

LOOK HUN: I fixed my hair, so I had to document the moment!

Been SO busy lately! Such a blessing! Even though it is stressful trying to run the house & my business, I am so grateful that God has blessed me with my successful business!

Dear Taffy, I have loved you since I was a child.

It was a Just Lovely Things & Aviator kind of day. Rocking the look on the way to church Sunday!

Got a pretty package in the mail from the swap week I participated in! CAN NOT WAIT to share all the lovely swag I got!

New Shoes... unfortunately they are not as comfortable as I hoped. But still like them!!

AWESOME score at the antique store! Old wash board that is now gracing my kitchen wall!

We all have our drink of choice around here!!
life rearranged

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