InstaFriday & Poison Control


My Sweet Baby Lucy, I can't believe she will be 1 this month...let's all say it together "where does the time go"

I got new supplies this week!! SO FUN, it's like Christmas when I open up stuff like this!  I decided to add gold to the shop!! Here is a sneak peek at one of my NEW DESIGNS! LOVE!

Rain on my kitchen window in school is cancelled and it is SNOWING. That's Ohio.

I actually got dressed in something other than sweats that have not been washed for 3 days so I decided to document it.

THE BEST candles best friend got me one for Christmas & I will not go back to boring old candles ever again.  These smell AMAZING & CRACKLE like a real fire while they burn! SO comforting!  We had a fireplace growing up, and so did both my grandparents & the sound reminds me of home, and my family.
 Cinnamon rolls...'nuff said.
 The Hubs and I are FINALLY getting a date night (actually date afternoon...but it does not sound as good as date night) Saturday & I CAN NOT WAIT. It is so overdue!
 I shared some pictures from my childhood for the photo challenge this week! LOOK at that split people.
I squealed out load when I saw this $9 desk at the thrift store!!! I had one when I was growing up sort of like this....but my dad threw it out. *sigh* But this makes up for it!!

You should go read Jeanette's post over at Life Rearranged, I was laughing and wincing for her all at once! We have all been there right?! Maybe not that exact same situation, but one like it! I myself have had to call poison control 3 times...I am pretty sure I am flagged in the system even though they say it is "anonymous."

Let's see, there was the time my son ate chunks out of my deodorant...I mean really?! That CAN NOT taste good enough to continue taking big bites.  Or the time that same son ate over half a bottle of a vitamin C/airborne but not airborne type tablets.  REALLY?! NOT a childproof bottle..he found it in my purse...they lady on poison control said he would probably just throw up and at that exact moment he threw up...all over the steps.

Oh let's not forget the time my 10 month old COULD HAVE (but ended up did not) eat little green mouse poison pellets that this vengeful rodent kept bringing INTO OUR HOUSE from outside. Never mind the fact that I told my husband mouse poison is NOT a good idea with little kids.  Never mind he did not listen and said he was putting it out side & they would not have access to it. Never mind that I was right and he was wrong. 

 Seriously, this mouse has it out for me...we found pellets in our laundry basket, at the bottom of folded clothes, we found pellets under our Christmas tree, my husband found 4 pellets in his SHOE, we found pellets in our bedroom, in the toy room, in my studio & in the living room.  AND we STILL have not caught the stinkin mouse.

Still don't believe he has it in for me? Well yesterday I went down to my studio & grabbed my metal stamps and in the holes where my stamps go I see 3 little mouse turds.  REALLY! He crawled up onto my 4 foot table (how do they do that) and pooped in my stamp holder.

Tell me he does not have it in for me.
I guess that's what we get for trying to poison him.
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