In The Studio with Casey Wiegand.


I am so excited about this NEW Blog Series: In the Studio. I love this world of handmade that I am a part of & it always fascinates me to learn more about people & to get a peek behind the scenes!  So I dreamed up my In the Studio Series as a way to do just that!

Throughout this series, we will meet some amazing designers & artists, get to know more about their work, what inspires them, take a tour of their studio & find out some fun "out of the studio" tid bits!

I have been brainstorming and have had this in the works for a while now & I am delighted to debut the Series with Casey Wiegand as my first guest! 

What is created in your studio? PAINTINGS! I have also just started creating cards, prints and necklaces as well :).

Walk us through a normal day of work: Well since having babies I now only "work or create" when they are napping or late at night! Sometimes i incorporate them into my work but usually try and keep the two separate!

What inspires you? My husband, my kiddos, God, nature and music!

Favorite thing you create: I have a few favorite paintings that would be really hard to part with. There was a lot of emotion behind them. Someone once told me you should always sell your favorite pieces to share them with the world…so I have already parted with a few :).

Do you have an in home or outside studio? It is away from home. We own an art studio called A Little Artsy so I keep all of my supplies up there. I have also have had an in home studio at a different part of my life- both are fabulous!

How do you balance your work and your family life? Any tips? This is a major struggle. If one has to suffer it is going to be my work…because my family comes first, always!

Any tips for success that have really helped you? I think connecting with people is huge! A Lot of the really neat opportunities that have com my way have been from building relationships and making connections!

Biggest mistake you made with your business. Oh boy. When I had Aiden I killed our dream. I closed our first studio and just in a sense threw away years of work. It was a weird time in my life. I since know that it is possible to do both…and our dreams are now more alive than ever

Best part of owning your own business? Being as a family all the time. I wouldn't trade rolling our dreams, being together and pursuing God's purpose for our lives for anything

Worst? It's scary financially. Chris and I are both freelancers….we just have to truth that month after month people will come to our studio and hire us both for jobs! Its wild!

Favorite part of your studio. I love the lighting. All chandeliers and twinkle lights!

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? my babies, truly. They inspire me and make my work better. As far as my art career- becoming a jury award winning artist was amazing :).

Secret dream for your business? I would love to write books, take my cards and paintings international and franchise a little artsy :). 

Who is on your studio playlist? ingrid michaelson, britt nicole and john mayer!

Outside the studio:

coffee or tea? neither! dr pepper
vintage or new? vintage
text or call? text
DVD or Theater? theater
big city or small town? city
Book or movie? both!
flats or heels? heels
stay in or go out? stay in
hugs or kisses? kisses :)
lip gloss or lip stick? chapstick!
silver or gold? gold
comedy or drama? drama
cook or take out? take out
jewelry or gadgets? jewelry!

Connect with Casey:

I hope you enjoyed being In The Studio with Casey! She is a truly loving, honest & sweet person & and inspiration to me! 

Do you have a favorite artist or designer you would love to see featured on my In The Studio Series? Leave me a comment or email me! 

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