I'm Stuck on Cutetape.


I have talked before about my love for Washi Tape!  I actually posted on facebook the other day about how I went a little crazy buying it from my favorite store, Cute Tape! (They also have a store on Etsy called Pretty Tape & I have bought from both of their shops!) 

Washi Tape is one of my weaknesses...you know, the kind of thing you CAN NOT resist when you see it, even if you don't need it? The kind of thing you buy in every color and design because it is just too cute to resist. The kind of thing that you don't know exactly what you are going to use it for, but you buy it anyway...

Yes, Washi Tape is one of those things for me...want to see the latest pretty tapes I could not resist & had to buy? 
Peach Polka Dots? YES PLEASE!
Purple Lace Tape...Where have you BEEN all my life? 
(pssst...I also bought it in teal)
Could not resist the pink hearts for Valentine's Day!

Here are just a couple things I do with my Cute Tape:

I decorate these kraft cut outs to make a cute little note card! I include them in certain packages & give them with gifts! Super easy and cute way to make a pretty little note or thank you card! 

I also decorate all my boxes with cutetape for every order! I think it is such a pretty addition to my stamp.  It really is a great way to dress up a plain old box!  

The best part is that I can change it up all the time! I get bored with the same old very easily, so it is fun to buy new tapes to decorate with! I especially love doing seasonal ones...like pretty red & greens for Christmas & that cute heart one for Valentines Day! SO many possibilities! Next on my list are some of their cute lace stamps...right up my alley!

Know what else rocks? Cutetape is having a GIVEAWAY for $100 shop credit! WHAAAAAA?! Do you KNOW how much cute tape I could buy with that...I get chills at the thought...

Anyway, this post is my entry! They will be picking the top 3 posts for the final round where you can vote on the winner! 

If I won this giveaway, I would obviously continue using my Cutetape for my packaging...but I would also love to try some of these fun projects:

So for now, my fingers will remain crossed!
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