Christmas 2011 & The Best Gift Ever!


Every year I make Monkey Bread to eat on Christmas so good!  We ate it all before I got to take a picture of the finished product!

This year was Lucy's first Christmas.  It was so fun watching her open all her gifts! 

Get the boy John Deere and he is happy!

 They are going to be best friends!

We even went to see Santa's Reindeer! 
Lucy LOVES her baby, she pats her, "feeds" her from her sippy cup & carries her around in the car seat! 

 Lucy Hoarding her new gifts!
From left: Me, My Dad, Lofton, Brooklyn, My Grandpa, My Niece Audrey, Lucy, My Brother Tony.

This Christmas went so fast, and I did not feel as in the spirit as I usually do.  Mostly because I was so busy with orders that I didn't have time to decorate, shop, and just be Merry!  But it was still a wonderful Christmas!

Since we have had the kids, Brooks & I don't usually get each other much, if anything for Christmas.  But this year we both apparently had the same idea: to surprise the other with something special!  The best part was that neither of us had even asked for the gifts we got!

I got Brooks a Play Station 3 and a Northface Jacket. And he surprised me with the BEST GIFT EVER: and iPad 2! I immediately texted everyone a picture of me kissing it! :) I was very very surprised.

So my days until I re open shop are now spent playing Words with Friends with my Dad's wife Debbie & my girl Leonora, taking pictures using instagram (!) and re-reading The Hunger Games with my Kindle App. Can you say AWESOME?!

How did you spend your Christmas this year? What was your favorite Gift? I would love to know!
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