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I have been in the same rut lately & I can't seem to get out of it.
It makes me feel sad.
It makes me feel guilty.
It makes me tired.
It makes we want to change.

When I read Casey's post, it inspired me to write this post.

Being a stay at home Mom is what I always is a blessing, it is fulfilling.
But it is also hard.
I have days where I just want to hide.
Days where I count the minutes until Brooks gets home.
Days where I cry.
I feel guilty, selfish, less of a mom, and I wonder if anyone else feels this way.
Am I a bad Mom for feeling this way sometimes?
Am I a bad Mom for needed a break sometimes?

No, I know I am not, I know other Mom's feel this way.

But I am tired to feeling this way.
I am tired of wading in my selfishness.
I want it to stop.
So I need to change.
But change can be hard.

But for 2012, my goal will be CHANGE.

I want to be more joyful
I want to change my attitude
I want to change my heart
I want to be more tender
I want to be more patient
I want to change the ugly things about me
I want to be more loving...especially to strangers
I want my children to see Jesus in me

I want Jesus to be that change in me.
I can't do it without him. 
This year I want to let him be that CHANGE in me.

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