Sponsor Spotlight with Ashley of Laynie & Belle


As you know, I love spotlighting my amazing sponsors! And today we get me meet Ashley, the very talented jewelry & hair accessories designer behind Laynie & Belle

In 3 words I am: Stylish, creative, and honest :)

I can’t live without: Coffee.

My favorite Blogs are: I am not a 'blogger' Is that bad?! I am huge Pioneer Woman fan! Everyone needs some Ree Drummond in their lives.

This is how I like to Relax: I like to relax late at night, Pinteresting. I will drink an herbal tea or wine, depending on my glorious day!

My favorite Tv Shows/movies: I love all the Housewives.....and would totally opt to be apart of one if it involved my city! Bridesmaids is the best girlfriend movie anytime, anywhere!

My favorite materials to work with are: I love working with silks. They fit perfectly with L&B's vintage inspired style. Silk is incorporated into almost every piece!

My Hometown: I grew up close to Auburn, IN. Your typical small town, with the small town feel <3

My favorite room in my house is: I love my living room! Because: It has tons of built in character that meshes perfectly with my vintage style! I am blessed to have a good friend that is an interior designer, and aided me in all of the findings that complete it. Oh, and it's main color is mustard. ;)

My favorite vacation was in: Mexico! All inclusive, adults only resort with 5 other couples. Bliss!

My guilty pleasure is: Lately...getting shellacked! You know, the new varnish type nail polish that does not chip off or ruin your natural nail! My hands are ugly hair stylist hands, especially in the winter! They look oh so pretty shellacked though. Even my husband noticed, which completely validates the every 2 week splurge!

I feel naked without: Sad to admit, my cell phone.

 I fear: Tornadoes....I make my husband come home from work early, and I will cancel everything in the event of a storm capable of producing tornadoes. My friends have banned me from the weather channel.

This is what makes me smile: My girlies Alayna and Annabelle. They need their own youtube channel, because they are something else.

You may not know this about me: I am a full-time hair stylist/color specialist at a salon. I have the best clientele ever!

My Worst Habit: Organization.

I want to learn to: I would love to learn graphic design!

My advice to other Etsy Sellers: Quality pictures of your product is key. I've learned that over time.

Trade your product with a trusted photographer, or invest in a good camera for yourself :)

My typical day is: Up at 7 to get my girls ready for the day. Drop off my oldest at school, youngest at the sitter. Work at the salon. Pick up girls. Dinner. Homework. Baths. Bedtime for girls. Work on L&B. Bed at midnight or after :/ Saturdays and Sundays are my days off!

 I stay inspired by: I do go to pinterest for inspiration. I might get inspiration from a picture of flowers or a color scheme of some type. A lot of times pieces are needed for a specific purpose (customs), and I just got with it.

3 tools in my studio I can't live without: Hot glue gun, shears, iron

Find Ashley:
        {L&B Shop} {FB fanpage} {Blog}

Be sure to stop over at one of her links and tell Ashley Hi!! 

STAY TUNED for some of my favorite Laynie & Belle Products....there may even be a giveaway! :)
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