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I am so excited about this month's Sponsor Spotlights! I just love introducing the lovely, talented ladies that hang out over on my sidebar!  

Today we get to meet Michelle of Little Blue Feather

In 3 words I am: creative, silly, forgetful

I can’t live without: my husband, leggings and music

My favorite Blogs are: Casey Leigh and A Beautiful Mess

This is how I like to Relax: I love working on art projects. Whether it is carving in clay, painting, sewing or drawing in Photoshop, I always seem to get completely lost in my art work; especially when it's night time and music is playing!

My Hometown:  Miamisburg, Ohio {In southwest Ohio}

My guilty pleasure is:  Specialty espresso drinks and skincare/beauty products!  

I fear: Sharks and snakes.

This is what makes me smile: My two boston terriers, also known as Shark Pups on my blog!

You may not know this about me: I taught myself to sew last year when my husband bought my first sewing machine for my birthday.  Learning to sew inspired Little Blue Feather and has been a favorite hobby of mine over the past year!

My Worst Habit: Rolling tiny little pieces of paper between my thumb and middle finger.  I have been doing this since grade school!  I heard that it's a calming action involving your pressure points in your fingers.  It's very unusual, I know!

I want to learn to: Play an instrument.  The instrument that appeals to me the most is a mandolin!

My advice to other Etsy Sellers:  It takes a lot of time to develop your store and products.  Don't feel frustrated if things do not happen overnight or as quickly as you hoped.  It is easy to compare yourself in the beginning to other shops but remember, they also had to start somewhere!  Sometimes the best thing for a shop or a blog is time.  Time to develop your skills, photography, style, writing and ideas.  When you allow yourself to learn as you go, you can look back and feel really proud at how far you have come! Things I have personally learned are to network often, invest in a good camera or photographer to help you photograph your products, and spend a good amount of time outside your workspace to keep you inspired and from feeling overwhelmed.  
I stay inspired by:  Working on art projects, spending time outside and getting together with other creative friends.

Find Michelle:

Some of what you will find at Little Blue Feather

Michelle is giving one jessicaNdesigns Reader a $30 Credit to her shop!

Want to win? Here is how you can enter:

Visit A Little Blue Feather, come back & tell me your favorite item!

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GOOD LUCK! Winner will be announced next week.
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