Our Fun Fall Day, Created by Emma Review & GIVEAWAY!


My Babies: Brooklyn, Lucy & Lofton.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday...the kind of day that makes me love fall! Warm, but cool at the same time...sun shining...leaves on the ground...crisp clean air.  So we decided to go outside and play in the leaves! 

It was Lucy's first experience with the leaves, so of course she had to try them!  She is at the stage where EVERYTHING goes in her mouth, including freshly peed on toilet paper from the bowl your 3 year old leaves open because she "likes to play in the water." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh good times...

Such a great big sister...so proud & helpful!

I am pretty sure this is one of the cutest pictures ever...little moccasins, pink elephant on her little booty, adorable pink hat. 

Speaking of those amazingly cute hats, a bloggy friend, Emma made them & sent them to me!! CAN YOU SAY WAY TOO CUTE?! Everyone who sees them does! :) 

Let's Meet the sweet & talented Emma Shall we?

Hi! I'm Emma! i believe that most people would say that i am creative. i LOVE creating beautiful things. fun things. practical things. not to mention delicious things [see here]. 

In 3 words I am: short, funny, creative
I can’t live without: being able to create something, paint something, sew something, decorate something
My favorite Blogs are: yours of course, The Simple LifeFreshly PickedE Tells Tales
This is how I like to Relax: getting hooked on a TV show & crocheting while I watch. or on a nice day just  curling up with a good book in my hammock.
My favorite TV Shows/movies: TV- Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy, Movies- Beauty & The Beast, Superbad, Bridesmaids {I'm a bad girl sometimes}
My favorite materials to work with are: any kind of fabric. fabric is magical, it can made into almost anything. & yarn. specially the chunky, thick kind. love
My Hometown: born in Santa Ana, El Salvador, shipped all around the San Fernando Valley in SoCal for 10 yrs. High School in Northwest Arkansas, Now live in Southwest Missouri... basically I'm confused. 
My favorite room in my house is: my living room. 
Because: no TV just looking out the window from the couch. 
My favorite vacation was in: California after we moved to Arkansas. 
My guilty pleasure is: The Jersey Shore. I said it. 
I feel naked without: an undershirt. yeah. weird!
I fear: moths. they freak me out. but the most I guess is failing. letting myself down.
This is what makes me smile: my kids. craft/fabric stores.
You may not know this about me: I sing. a lot. like a. lot. my friend Amanda said that show New Girl, reminds her of me. In it the girls makes up a them song for herself. yeah, that's me. 
My Worst Habit: procrastinating.
I want to learn to: manage my time. i suck. {see previous answer}
My advice to other Etsy Sellers: personalize & take care of your customers! there's nothing like a nice hand written thank you, no matter how short, with handmade purchase. 
My typical day is: wake up later than planned. scramble for breakfast. have bf with kids, play outside. fix lunch, lunch with kids, "creative time", dinner, baths, bed... fun fun! ;)
I stay inspired by: my children.
3 tools in my studio I can't live without: crochet hooks, sewing machine, hand needle & thread.

Go check out her shop!

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Here's how:
  • Visit her shop, come back and tell me your favorite item. (one entry)
  • Like Emma on Facebook & tell her I sent ya! (one entry)
  • Follow her blog (one entry)

Leave a seperate comment for each thing you do! Winner will be announced 11/16.

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