On Success & "Making it"


 I have been thinking a lot about success and "making it" and when it is that I can say "Yes, I've made it."  And I seem to find myself comparing myself to this person or that person, to this blog or that blog.  I find myself thinking: look what she has accomplished, look where she was featured, look who wears her designs, look how many sales she has had...and the list of comparisons go on and on.

Sometimes I find it hard to say "I own my own business" when people ask what I do...because really, is it a business?? Have I sold enough pieces to be considered a successful business owner? How many other times I have tired my own business and failed. Am I "legit" as they say? Have I "made it?"

When do you think you or someone else has made it?

When they open an online store?
When they open a brick and mortor store?
When they sell X amount of their items?
When they are featured on (fill in blog name here)
When they have celebrities wearing their designs?
When they are featured in (this) publication?

I think success has to be something you define for yourself.  For me success was hard to admit... weird huh? I opened my shop on a whim really...mostly as a hobby.  But slowly I began making more and more sales and more and more people liked my work.  I actually started earning a steady income for my family. I really LOVED what I was doing. I followed my dream of owning my own business.  I showed my children that YES you can follow your dreams! 

I did not think, until recently, that it was ok for me to say "I own my own business, I create jewelry & hand stamped vintage silverware & I have my own online shop."  {admittedly I still feel funny saying it!}

Why is that? Why do we do that to ourselves? Are we afraid of what people might think? Are we afraid that their idea of success is not the same as our own? Are we afraid of failure.  

I think YES, we are. (Or at least I am) And we should not be.  We should be proud of our successes, whatever they may be, and not be afraid to show it & most importantly, reward ourselves for our successes in life! Be proud of yourself and what you accomplish!

To me, THAT is success. 

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