Handmade Love


I have a true passion & love for Handmade and for the amazing people pouring their hearts & souls into their handmade businesses!  

That love is one of the things that drives this blog and is why I decided to make a page strictly dedicated to all things HANDMADE! 

Below you will find links to my various blog features that promote my love for handmade!

Here's a look at the handmade love shown:

 Monday Mash Ups - a weekly "mash up" of 9 my most recent favorites from Etsy!

 In The Studioa fun way to meet some of my favorite designers & artists, get to know more about their work and what inspires them, take a tour of their studio & learn some fun "out of the studio" tid bits about them! 

♥ Handmade Gift Guides - I offer 2 annual Gift Guides - Spring Fling Gift Guide The Handmade Holiday Gift Guide.  I am currently accepting applicants for the 2012 Handmade Holiday Gift Guide. Find more info here.

I truly have a passion not only for creating collections for my handmade business, but helping others succeed in their passions.  If by sharing my love for handmade helps someone even a little, that makes me happy!

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