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Hello JessicaNdesigns Readers!
My name is Meag & I'm blogging over at May Contain Nuts about baking, decorating, DIY's, my life adventures and all things nuttiness!
I am so pumped to be taking over Jess' blog, showing you this vintage and Jessica inspired tutorial! Who out there is addicted to Pinterest? Come on, you know you are. Let's just all say it together - "I am addicted to Pinterest." Nothing to hide here! Side note: I'm thinking we need a Pinterest Anonymous. Just saying..... ANYWAYS back to the point! I am ALWAYS pinning and I came across this beauty.
Adorable right?! And SO easy to make! By the end of this easy read I am going to show you exactly how to make one of your own. Kapeesh?! Kapeesh!

What You Need:
2 Vintage Plates in Different Sizes 
2 Vintage Tea Cups
2 Heavy Books
Gorilla Glue 

What You Do:
1. Gather all your trusty supplies! I found my plates and cups at a local thrift store - $4 for the who kitten caboodle!
2. Glue the bottom rim of both tea cups. Place them on the middle of the plates and top 'em off with a steady book. (Memo: The glue is not tacky to start but trust that it will stick) Leave this overnight to dry. Resist the urge to check if they are sticking. You will end up with Gorilla glue all over your fingers and trust me, from experience, not fun.
3. The next morning, flip over the little suckers. Cute eh?
4. Glue the lip rim of the small tea cup stack and place it on the larger plate. (Memo: I decided to set mine off centre as I didn't want to cover up the design. This is at your discretion) Again stack a book on top and let it sit over night.
5. The next morning gawk over your beautiful vintage tea cup display! 
There are SO many uses for this beaut! 
*Use it to store jewelry on your night stand!
*Use it to display your goods at a craft sale!
* Place some delicious look cupcakes on it!
* Mmm some savory goods would be nice too!

I am so, so glad I could jump over to Jess' blog today and share this lovely with you! 
Come stop by my place, say HI and stay a while!
Thanks Jess for being such a great hostess! 

Thank you so much Meag!! That is so super cute & easy! AND it's VINTAGE! Just my kind of DIY project! Be sure to stop over and say Hi to Meag Today! 

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